• Pizza is one of our most beloved treats of all times
  • Pizza can be made in a steel bowl as well
  • You can make pizza without oven and yeast

Pizza fans, raise your hands! We love pizza so much that by now we have tried out most of the ‘bizzare’ toppings, experimental bases and what not. Anything that is pizza or pizza-like is a hit with us. This is why when we chanced upon this recipe of katori pizza, we were intrigued. For the unversed, katori is a vessel or a small bowl. It is usually used to serve curries, dal and sabzis, and as it turns out you can use it to make pizza as well!  

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In this ingenious recipe, food vlogger and YouTuber Parul not only makes a pizza in a katori, but also uses no yeast or oven to make one. The method is quick, efficient, and, of course, you get to pick the toppings of your choice! To make this katori pizza, you need to make a mix of maida, baking powder,baking soda,salt, curd and oil, make a sticky dough. Place the kadhai on heat. Now take some katoris, layer it with dough, apply some pizza sauce and then some toppings of your choice. This recipe uses red, yello and green bellpeppers, and chopped onions. Then add some shredded mozerella cheese, make sure you are generous. Now cover the kadhai with lid, let it cook on low flame for 15 minutes, and you are done. Add more seasoning if you wish and dig in.  

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Here’s the full recipe posted on the ‘Cook With Parul’ YouTube Channel:

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