Scanning through your kitchen cabinet for powerful ingredients could be a good idea


  • Green tea is a low calorie drink
  • Green tea is replete with antioxidants
  • Antioxidants help fight free radical activity that impacts immunity too

As the world is waking up to the importance of immunity, it would be a foolish decision to continue being callous about it. Immunity is defined as the perfectly balanced state wherein your body can resist a particular toxin or infection. With monsoons around, we become increasingly susceptible to seasonal flu and infections, which is why at this time our diet should be fortified with immunity boosting foods and healing drinks. Scanning through your kitchen cabinet for powerful ingredients could be a good idea especially now. Did you know your favourite green tea may also contribute a fair amount in building your immunity? Yes, you heard us. This low-cal drink is not called a superdrink for no reason.

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Green Tea For Immunity:

Green tea is a treasure of free-radical fighting antioxidants, polephenols and flavonoids, all of which not only help build immunity but also have protective effects against common cold and cough. An IIT Delhi study recently found that tea and haritaki may have potential therapeutic options against covid-19.


Green tea is a treasure of free-radical fighting antioxidants

How To Brew Green Tea:

Green tea may have become an object of fancy now among all health enthusiasts, but for some Asian countries, it has been a traditional beverage for thousands of years. People like to brew green tea in their own way, but the most convenient has to be pulling out a green tea bag and dipping it straight in our mugs.

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Here’s our way to make a mug of green tea all things fortifying and healthy:

1. Empty a mug of water in a vessel, add cinnamon bark, 3-4 cloves and 3-4 cinnamon pods. Bring it to boil.
2. Strain the water in a mug.
3. Now, in this mug you can dip your green tea until you get a fine colour and flavour of your liking.
4. To this mug, you can also add a teaspoon of honey. Honey also has many antioxidants. According ‘Healing Foods’ a book by DK Publishing House, honey “can be as effective as the cough suppressant diphenhydramine, and may help children sleep better.” It is a good idea to steer clear of sugar in the concoction.
Drink this tea when hot. Hot beverages may help decongest nose and soothe scratchy throat.

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