As the nip in the air intensifies in many parts of the country, the focus once again shifts to immunity


  • Kahwa is a soothing hot beverage or tea
  • Kahwa is brewed with host of nuts and spices
  • Drinking hot beverages may work wonders for immunity

In the long standing battle between tea versus coffee, many people have already chosen sides. Some are still exploring and some are not so vocal about their allegiance because they simply like to enjoy the best of both worlds. We perhaps fall in the third category; however, when there is a cup of hot kahwa around, there is little else that can distract us at that point.

Kahwa as you may know is a hot tea beverage from Kashmir. The flavourful tea is made by brewing green tea with a host of whole spices, saffron and nuts. The warm and soothing beverage is often the best aides to survive long wintery months up North, but tea lovers not only like to brew the beverage whenever they can but also give their own spin to it. Kahwa is made with a special variety of Kashmiri green tea, so do not try making it your regular chaipatti- the closest substitute could be a green tea bag of any brand of your choice.

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As the nip in the air intensifies in many parts of the country, the focus once again shifts to immunity. Season change often makes our body more susceptible to diseases and infections, and we must take all precautions that we can to ensure we stay fit and fabulous. Hot beverages like herbal tea and infused tea, according to experts, may to an extent help boost immunity, declog noses, and soothe cold and cough. However, that does not mean you stop medication and rely on these beverages completely.

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Kahwa is always consumed steaming hot, which could help keep calm inflamed lining of nose and throat, and in some instances relieve nasal congestion.

This Badam Kahwa could prove to be a good addition to your diet at this point. It is super easy to brew at home and it comes with added goodness of almonds. Almonds are enriched with antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids , vitamin E, iron and protein. Other immunity boosting spices used in the tea are cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and kesar. The tea uses honey as a natural sweetener. For the uninitiated, honey is loaded with antibacterial properties.  Which is why it is a common practice in India to given to give toddlers a spoonful of honey everyday to strengthen their immunity.

Here is a step-by-step recipe of Badam Kahwa by Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur.

Try this delicious beverage at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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