• Procedure for preparing both chenna ese and paneer are same
  • Due to its crumbled texture, chenna is used for making sweet
  • Chenna is also consumed as it is

Whenever we say chenna, the first image that pops up in mind is of Indian sweets like rasmalai, rasgulla and sandesh. The cloud-like soft chenna is a delight for all! It is nothing but a concentrated form of milk, with all its goodness and nutrients. Its crumble texture makes chenna a popular ingredient for making several Indian desserts. Although, it is easily available in any local sweet shop, making chenna is equally easy at home. Click here to know how to make chenna at home.

What Is The Difference Between Chenna And Paneer:

Several people get confused with the difference between chenna and paneer because both are concentrated versions of milk. Unlike other forms of cheese, chenna and paneer are types of fresh curd cheese, which have no salt or rennet content in them. In layman language, the procedure for preparing both chenna and paneer are same; but chenna is crumbled and slightly moist, whereas paneer is the pressed cake version of chenna. However, there is not much difference between the tastes of chenna and paneer.

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How Can Chenna Be Used To Prepare Food:

Most popularly, chenna is used to make sweets and desserts. In several parts of India, especially the Eastern part, people consume chenna as it is as a healthy breakfast or evening snack. Some people also prepare it like paneer bhurji and eat with hot chapattis.

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Here’s A Lip-Smacking Chenna Recipe That Can Be Considered As Side Dish For A Meal:

Chenna Kofta Recipe-


Chenna- two cups

Maida- half cup

Rice flour- one-third cup

Refined oil- to fry


Red chilli powder- half teaspoon (you can add more for extra heat)

Salt- to taste

Sugar- to taste


Take the chenna in a bowl. Make sure it is not very dry.

Add the maida, rice flour and all the spices and mix them very well. The kofta should have a good balance of salt and sugar.

Make small balls out of the dough. Make sure the balls are not cracked. Chenna is very soft, so handle it will care.

If you can’t make balls out of the dough, pat it with some water that is drained out of while preparing the chenna.

Once the balls are made, keep them aside.

Now, heat oil in a kadhai.

On a medium flame, put the balls (two at a time) in the kadhai and fry them. Keep the flame low to cook the koftas well.

Once the outer shell of the ball turns brown, take them out on a plate.

You can have them just like that or make curry with it. Click here to get a reference for how to cook kofta curry.

Enjoy your meal!

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