Move over roasted or deep-fried, these baked chicken seekh kebabs are sure to make you drool.

Seekh kebab – the name is enough to make us slurp a little! Chicken seekh kebabs are a quintessential Indian snack that is a part of every party or get-together. Soft, succulent and scrumptious, seekh kebabs are served on a ‘seekh’ (skewer) making them the perfect ‘no-mess’ snacks. They are made of finely minced meat, tightly mixed together and cooked on wooden skewers, which are put in a tandoor (clay oven), or in the grill or oven.

The minced meat can be combined with a host of spices and tangy lemon. The smoky, spicy flavours of seekh kebabs are simply hard to resist! No wonder they are on the list of every restaurant’s menu! But amid the lockdown, when none of us can actually enjoy our favourite restaurant’s kebabs, it is time to try them making at home. Yes, you can make yummy, soft and succulent seekh kebabs right inside your kitchen!

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Seekh kebabs are generally roasted over a barbecue, deep-fried or sautéed in oil over a pan but here we’ve got a stellar seekh kebab recipe where they are baked. In the recipe, minced chicken is mixed and marinated in egg, chilli powder, salt, pepper, onion and the ginger-garlic paste. After 10 minutes of marination, seekh masala is added to the mince which will give a buttery, tantalising flavour to the kebabs. After over an hour of refrigeration, the mince is then made into kebabs using skewers and baked in oven to perfection.

Click here for the full recipe of baked chicken seekh.

One can serve these delicious seekh kebabs along with some green chutney, onions and lemon wedges. You can prepare the green chutney at home using mint (pudina) and some spices, find the recipe of mint chutney here.

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