• Seekh kebabs are one of the most popular snacks around
  • Juicy, succulent and absolutely delicious, seekh kebabs are a delight
  • Here’s how you can make them easily at home

You know you are in for a delicious treat if there are kebabs on the table! Soft, succulent, juicy and absolutely decadent, kebabs are a treat to taste buds. And if you are a non-vegetarian, the sheer variety of heavenly kebabs is a delight in itself. Seekh kebabs are one of the most popular kebabs around, so much so that a platter of seekh kebabs wouldn’t take more than a minute to come back clean from its fans.

Juicy, delicious, easy and mess-free, seekh kebabs are served on a seekh (skewer) and are perfect to simply ‘pick and eat’! A versatile snack, seekh kebab can be made from vegetables, minced chicken or mutton, wrapped over wooden skewers that are put in a tandoor (clay oven), or in the grill or oven. The smoky flavour of kebabs along with a range of spices paired with tangy mint-coriander chutney makes for a stellar snack that you can serve on many occasions.

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And if the mention of tandoor makes you think it is impossible to cook chicken seekh kebab at home, then we’ve got you covered. Whether there’s a dinner party at home or your cravings for some creamy, juicy kebabs just won’t give up, these chicken malai seekh kebabs are perfect to satiate it all. And guess what, you don’t need a large tandoor to cook it! Just with a handful of ingredients, you can prepare this stellar dish. While the traditional chicken seekh kebab is made with a mix of minced chicken and a host of tantalising spices, the malai chicken seekh kebab has an added layer of creamy mixed into the kebabs that make it all the more juicy, tender and mouth-watering.

Find the full step-by-step recipe of chicken malai seekh kebab here.

Serve these delectable homemade chicken malai kebabs with a tangy homemade pudina chutney. You can even make a yummy, wholesome roll with these kebabs by just wrapping the creamy seekh kebabs inside a paratha or a chapatti along with more of chutney and some mayonnaise! Sounds like a tasty, quick dinner isn’t it?

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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