• Mira Kapoor married actors Shahid Kapoor in the year 2015
  • Mira is a self-confessed foodie
  • Mira kapoor is a good cook too

We have to agree that Mira Kapoor is really acing the Instagram game. From food to cute family pictures and stunning OOTD’s, Mira Kapoor’s Instagram profile is a versatile one, but often we have seen her penchant for food taking precedence over everything else. She loves to post her recipes, gives a shoutout to her favourite restaurants in town and tries out all the cool vegan recipes. The self-confessed foodie also knows how to draw a balance between healthy eating and indulgent eating. On Wednesday afternoon, Mira took to Instagram to post a story of a power juice made with the goodness of ash gourd and ginger. For the uninitiated, ash gourd, also called petha in Hindi, is a green gourd vegetable renowned for its alkaline and detox properties. It is cooling in nature and soothes your tummy if you’re facing any trouble with digestion.

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Speaking of digestion, ginger is also a traditional remedy for indigestion, acidity and bloating. Additionally, ginger could also do wonders for immunity. Yes, you heard us. Ginger is replete with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent the risk of infection. This is perhaps the reason why ginger is one of the main components of most Ayurvedic Kadhas. Ginger drinks may also help rev up metabolism and fasten your weight loss.


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Interestingly, Mira Kapoor also celebrated her 26th birthday on 7th September. We wonder if this drink was her means to detox after all the partying.  

Are you also a fan of desi, home-made healing concoctions too? Do let us know in the comments below.

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