Make fusion snack with this noodle samosa recipe.


  • Samosa and noodles are the most popular street foods of India.
  • Bring both the foods together to make noodle samosa.
  • Here is an easy recipe of the fusion samosa you can try.

The lockdown has turned all of us into chefs, cooking one gourmet dish after another. Thanks to all those online recipes, we are no more novices at cooking and we no more desire restaurant food, because we are making it all ourselves. But, one thing that still wriggles our memory and stirs up our appetite is street foods. Aren’t we all missing going to the neighbourhood shops for lip-smacking street foods? Indian snacks and Indo-Chinese dishes ruled the street food landscape in our country for years. Bringing together the distinct flavours of these two types of street foods, this noodle samosa will put all your cravings to rest in one go.

Samosa is one of the most loved street foods or tea-time snacks. If you truly love samosa, you must have already tried different versions of the snack – paneer samosa, aloo samosa, matar samosa and the list goes on and on. Now, after reading this, if you want to make and eat samosa but someone in your family is hankering for Chinese noodles, or vice-versa, make one dish for all – noodle samosa. We can’t possibly make the same noodles we gorged on from those local noodles vans, but we can definitely satiate our craving for noodles with this unique, utterly delicious fusion samosa.

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Noodles is a popular street food in India. 

You have to make the samosa crust just like you make for regular samosa, just fill it with spicy noodles preparation. Boil noodles and keep aside. Then saute garlic and onions, and add veggies usually found in chowmein – cabbage, carrots and capsicum. Mix boiled noodles, add Chinese condiments and you’re done. For the samosa, knead dough of maida, atta, salt, ajwain and water. Make cones out of it, stuff it with cooked noodles, close the ends firmly and deep fry.

Now, you must be wondering what to pair this samosa with – Chinese sauce or Indian chutneys. We say – both.  Or, to keep things simple, enjoy this Indo-Chinese noodle samosa with plain tomato ketchup.

Here is the complete, step-by-step recipe of noodle samosa.

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Try this ‘hatke’ samosa and we are sure your family will thank you for bringing to them two of their favourite street foods on their plate. Do you have more such fusion recipes, our readers could try during lockdown? Please share in the comments section below.

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