Move Over Regular Cornflakes, Try This Pancake Cereal Going Viral On TikTok And Instagram

Pancake cereal is the latest recipe to take over TikTok.


  • Pancake cereal is the latest trend to take over TikTok
  • The recipe involves making miniature pancakes with a topping of choice
  • This trend comes after other viral recipes such as Dalgona coffee

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but how to get a wholesome and satiating meal that can be whipped up quickly too? Most people prefer having some or the other form of cereal in the first meal of the day. But even cornflakes or muesli every day can get monotonous at times. TikTok users have come up with an interesting way to revamp the regular breakfast menu. Pancake is one much-loved breakfast item that has now been transformed into pancake cereal. Take a look at the viral recipe:


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i’m telling u guys 10/10 recommend!! might even beat normal pancakes ##pancakecereal

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Pancake cereal is basically tinier versions of pancakes which have been piled up in a bowl and can be paired with any topping of your choice. Most videos show the miniature pancakes being had with fruit, berries or maple syrup. After Dalgona Coffee and Banana Bread, this pancake cereal is the latest recipe to take TikTok and Instagram by storm. The hashtag ‘Pancake Cereal’ has over 10 million views on TikTok, and is propping up on social media feeds of Instagram too. People are innovating with the recipe and using their own versions of the same to come up with newer dishes in the pancake cereal trend. Take a look:

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While one Instagram blogger made a waffle cereal with miniature waffles, another drizzled her pancake cereal with some colourful sprinkles.

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