John Legend shared his own recipe for kid-friendly chicken tenders.


  • John Legend shared a recipe on wife Chrissy Teigen’s YouTube
  • It was a kid-friendly recipe for chicken tenders which he makes at home
  • Take a look at the recipe video here

John Legend is a singer-songwriter par excellence. Among the many hits which are his claim to fame, he is best known for his song ‘All Of Me’, which became an International record-breaker. He also has a number of awards to his credit, including the prestigious Golden Globes and Grammy awards. He is married to actor-model Chrissy Teigen and they have two children together. John Legend recently shared his kid-friendly recipe for fried chicken tenders on his wife’s YouTube channel. Take a look:

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Chrissy Teigen wrote while sharing her husband’s video, “These fried chicken tenders are a delicious, easy dinner the whole family will love – the kids really love these – and they only take 10 minutes to cook!” In the video, John Legend clarified that the recipe is that of fried chicken tenders and not chicken nuggets.

The recipe began with marinating the chicken overnight with a marinade made of buttermilk, seasoned with spices. Then, John Legend prepared a crunchy bread coating for the chicken tenders that were adequately spiced, but not overly so. His chicken tenders recipe was complete with a special mayonnaise-based dip, which according to him, his kids absolutely adored. The entire recipe was delicate and with a lot of details, but well-suited to children’s palate.

So, if you’re looking for an easy recipe for chicken tenders that you can make for your children – take notes from John Legend’s delightful creation!

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