Spinach adds lots of nutrients to your meals.


  • Spinach is s nutrient-dense green vegetable.
  • You can add spinach to your favourite breakfast recipes.
  • Here are 5 different spinach-loaded recipes you must try.

Aren’t we always looking for fun ways to feed our family with more healthy foods without foregoing taste? Spinach (or palak) is one vegetable that you can use to spin your favourite breakfast meals and make them healthier. Spinach is packed with nutrients like iron, vitamins A, C and K, protein and iron. It can be a great food for weight loss, boosting immunity, improving heart health and also for skin and hair health. Including this green vegetable in breakfast will help you give your family a powerful and energetic start. And, you don’t even have to worry about the taste.

Here are 5 popular breakfast recipes with the goodness of spinach:

1. Spinach Pancake

Pancakes are a popular choice for breakfast. They are usually sweet and made with all-purpose flour. Try this savoury, healthier version with whole wheat flour batter mixed with spinach paste, eggs, curd and seasoning. This pancake can also be stuffed with a filling of mushrooms and grated cheese, making it a creamy delight for kids.

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2. Spinach Dosa

Is south Indian food your daily morning jam? Turn your dosa green in colour and rife with nutrients with this spinach dosa. You just have to add some spinach and spices like ginger and garlic to your dosa batter and you’ll get a beautiful palak dosa for a wholesome breakfast.

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3. Spinach Omelette

Those who like to have eggs every day for breakfast, can add some variety to their menu by making spinach omelette. Mix spinach with eggs, add seasoning and top the omelette with some cheese and you’ll love this all-new high-protein omelette recipe.

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Omelette with eggs and spinach is healthy and tasty. 

4. Spinach and Feta Crepes

This French-special breakfast dish has caught the fancy of many Indians. Crepes are thin pancake-like wraps filled with sweet or savoury filling. This recipe makes healthy and delicious crepes with spinach and feta cheese filling.

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5. Almond And Spinach Smoothie

For many people, a full-fledged breakfast meal includes a tall glass of fruits and/or veggies smoothie. Some people only like to have a glass of smoothie replete with nuts and seeds. This almond and spinach smoothie is all you need to infuse lots of nutrients into your breakfast drink.

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Spinach can be turned into smoothie that can offer some amazing health benefits.

Spinach not only adds health but also makes your food taste fresher and better. Try these spinach-loaded recipes for iron and protein-rich breakfast.

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