• Momos are a sensation across the nation
  • Momos are very easy to make at home
  • To make momos you need a handful of ingredients

Imagine a bustling Indian street, how many markets did you picture, what is the crowd like, are there enough children harrowing their mothers for a snack, is there a shy couple sharing a plate of chaat or a bunch of youngsters crowding a popular take-out van? Streets of India, as you must have guessed are incomplete without street food. Flavourful, greasy and good, the street food of India is a variegated fare. And while the list of favourites is long, but we can safely say that we are obsessed with roadside hot momos and the chilli chutney. This simple Tibetan snack has found fans across the country, especially Delhi, where you are sure to find a vendor in every nook and corner of a street.

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Since the monsoons are here and most of us are trying to avoid street food in order to avoid risk of infection, the thought of recreating some of our favourite street foods at home is rather tempting to us.


This simple Tibetan snack has found fans across the country

How To Make Fried Chicken Momos At Home

You would be surprised to know how ridiculously easy it is to make momos at home. You need a handful of basic ingredients and a steamer. To make good momos, you need to have a good dough. Make sure it is not too sticky, not only would be having troubling moulding them, but they can also break while steaming. You have to be careful while stuffing the momos as well. Do not overfill, you run a chance of breaking the dumpling, do not be stingy either. Nobody’s a fan of momos with scanty filling.
Once you have successfully steamed your momos, you can simply dunk it in the chutney and eat, or you can spruce it up further. You can toss it in a gravy or simply fry them. Fried chicken momos are crowd-puller on their own.

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Here is a step by-step recipe of how to make fried chicken momos at home.

And here is the recipe of the chutney.

Try making it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. Do not forget to share pictures. If you are a vegetarian you can simply replace the chicken filling with paneer, cabbage or soya.

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