Take ample precautions to prevent instances ofheat stroke and dehydration.

The sweltering heat is draining all our energy it seems, and if reports are to be believed, there is no respite in coming future. It will be a while before we bid farewell to this scorching weather. The intense heatwave has caused enough ruckus around us, and the best the we can do at this point is to take ample precautions to prevent instances of heat stroke and dehydration. Eat cool and soothing foods – try and refrain from hot and spicy food. In addition to being well-fed, it is also very necessary to stay hydrated at all times to keep your energy levels up. Fortunately, there are many yummy and nutritious ways to do that. Yes, you heard us. While water is a very crucial part of summer care, there are a bunch of summer coolers that can help you beat the heat and guess what they even make use of some of your favourite spices:

1. Masala Chaas

This spiced buttermilk is a desi summer staple. Made with yogurt, the watery thin consistency of this buttermilk with hints of rock salt and other herbs makes the whole drink an absolute delight. Bursting with goodness of yogurt, chilli and coriander, this chaas could do wonders for immunity and digestion too. 


Chaas could do wonders for immunity and digestion too. 

2. Jaljeera

Another summer delight that has been our go-to- beverage since eons. Jaljeera is tangy, spicy drink made with a hearty mix of spices and herbs like mint, black pepper, lemon juice and tamarind pulp. It is best served chilled, and is known to boost digestion in addition to keeping you cool in the blazing weather.

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Jaljeera is tangy, spicy drink made with a hearty mix of spices

3. Aam Panna

Think summers, and you are bound to think of mangoes. Both raw and ripe mangoes are relished in equal measures during this weather. Aam panna is usually made with raw mango pulp, which is blended with cumin seeds, jeera and mint leaves. The lip-smacking cooler also helps rejuvenates you and helps keep you immune from heat-strokes.

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aam panna

In these soaring temperatures, you cannot afford to be dehydrated. Make sure your diet is replete with fluids. We would also love to know your favourite summer coolers of all times. Try to minimise instances of stepping out in peak noon, and heed to all precautionary steps.

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