Posto chicken is a traditional Bengali chicken delicacy that makes for an excellent dinner dish.

Chicken curries are quite a staple amongst the non-vegetarians in India. A rich and delicious chicken curry when paired with rice is a super-hit combo; all thanks to a myriad of spices and techniques of cooking the Indian cuisine is blessed with. Be it the Amritsari chicken masala or the chicken chettinad from the south, both extremes are known for the extensive use of spices. From red chilli to peppercorns or curry leaves, Indian cuisine boasts of its spectacular use of spices and herbs across the globe.

And when we speak of Indian regional cuisines, Bengali cuisine has some of the most delectable dishes with unique combinations of spices with meats and vegetables, alike. From eclectic maccher jhol to a variety of mutton and chicken delicacies, Bengali cuisine is a reservoir of gastronomic bliss. A foodies’s paradise, Bengali cuisine has something for everyone. And we have got a scrumptious delight from the treasure trove of Bengali kitchen that the chicken lover in you would love to gorge on.

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Posto chicken is a traditional Bengali chicken delicacy that makes for an excellent dinner dish. And guess what? It requires no marination! Quick, easy and fuss-free, posto chicken is a mouth-watering melange of spices with a nutty paste made with poppy seeds (posto in Bengali), green chillies, coconut, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and garlic. The paste is fried with onions and spices such as turmeric, chilli powder, coriander and cumin along with cleaned chicken chunks until soft and tender. It is best served with rice, topped with coriander leaves.

Find the full recipe of Posto Chicken here.

The use of poppy seeds (or khus khus in Hindi) is an important part of traditional Bengali cooking. Besides its distinct earthy, nutty flavour, poppy seeds are known to be nutritionally rich with good amount of antioxidants and fibre.

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