• Tomato is enriched with vitamin C and beta-carotene
  • Tomato soups are a hit with everyone
  • This is a tomato soup with a twist

What do you do with left-over rotis? Does the idea of tossing it away also fill you with guilt? If so, then you have arrived at the right place. On most days, we know the amount of rotis we eat and consume, but there are days, we over-estimate and end up with a few left-overs. Same goes for dal and other curries. But what if we told you that in one ingenious recipe you can incorporate both, your left-over roti and dal; and end up with a crackling recipe? Yes, you heard us, this soup recipe by celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is a wholesome fare; you should not miss if you like all things tangy and eclectic. This tomato-roti soup recipe is so flavourful and easy to put together that you may want to make some extra rotis just so you can make this soup over and over again.

What really works the charm here according to us is the rich and tangy goodness of tomatoes, which gives the soup a real face-lift. It is topped off with a dollop of fresh cream for a hint of indulgence, if you don’t feel like including cream in your soup, you can rule out that step. The soothing soup also has some delectable hot and pungent notes due to the crushed black peppercorns (Kali mirch) and freshly chopped garlic.

Since the soup also has some left-over dal as one of the key ingredients, you are set for good dose of protein too.

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What really works the charm here according to us is the rich and tangy goodness of tomatoes

To make this soup, you need to tear out some chunks of roti, don’t bother if the size is not uniform. Fry them in olive oil, or any vegetable oil and keep it aside. Then you would have to prepare the luscious base for the soup using other ingredients like tomatoes, dal, garlic, peppercorn and salt. Once your soup is thick and ready, pull out the fried roti bits and use them as croutons for your soup. Ingenious, we told you! So what are you waiting for? Don the apron and start cooking.

Here’s a step-by-step recipe by chef Sanjeev Kapoor to make tomato and roti soup at home

Make this soup at the earliest and let us know your thoughts on the same. We would love to bring you more such amazing recipes and kitchen trivia on NDTV Food.

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