Twitter User’s spaghetti preparation had a sweet surprise.


  • Twitter user shared a picture of his wife’s cooking
  • The dish had a sweet surprise in it, delighting Twitterati
  • The thread went viral on the micro-blogging website

In the wake of the global epidemic, most countries have been forced to implement complete or partial lockdown. Even as governments begin to ease restrictions for their citizens, people are increasingly preferring to stay indoors and work from home. During these tough times, it is often the smallest, most mundane things that make us smile and give us a respite from the banalities of everyday life. A Twitter user shared one such sweet incident from the wake of his regular life. Take a look:

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Twitter user, Matthew Burnside, shared a picture of his wife’s Spaghetti preparation. The shape of the Spaghetti was like the letter ‘O’ and while cooking the same, two of the O’s got stuck on the ladle and formed a smiley face! This cooking ‘miracle’ delighted Twitter users, who showered their love on the tweet with almost 800k likes and 130k plus retweets. The way that Burnside narrated the whole incident was also quite endearing, hitting a sweet spot with millions of couples across the globe.

Twitterati jumped at the opportunity and happily dug up many such similar photos from their archives. From a heart-shaped onion to a smiley face inside a coffee cup, the Twitter thread saw a number of cooking ‘miracles’ from overjoyed users. Take a look at some of the reactions:

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Have you ever experienced such a cooking ‘miracle’ in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!

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