A fast weight loss diet plan sounds almost too good to be true. Is it even possible to lose weight quickly, look and feel amazing without being forced into an unsafe diet or without taking harmful drugs?

Well, to lose weight successfully, you will need some sort of weight loss diet plan. You have to set some goals and go after them. And results wont come overnight so you will have to be patient. There is no such a thing as an effective and safe fast weight loss plan. You cannot simply pop a pill and burn off all the extra fat in a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. Your body just does not work that way and will either reject or shut down from abusing it with this strategy.

Here is a healthy weight loss diet plan with everything you need to lose weight safely and consistently:

1. Exercise.

This is nothing new really, but exercise is by far the most guaranteed way to ensure success in your goals. Exercises is the element that will make or break your success at losing weight, and you should push for no less than five thirty minute sessions of moderate exercise per week. The good news is that research shows has shown that three quick ten minute workouts give you as good results as one thirty minute workout.

The goal of weight loss exercise is to burn up stored fat and calories, although exercise offers many other health benefits as well. How many calories you burn depends on how often, how long and how hard you exercise.

While aerobic exercise works the best for losing fat, any extra hard physical work helps burn calories. And since your diet plan can include all parts of your daily lifestyle, you could think about ways you can bump up your physical effort such as making several trips up and down the stairs instead of always using the elevator, parking at the end of the lot to get some extra aerobic walking, and walking or riding a bike instead of taking the bus or driving when your destination is nearby.

2. Stay dedicated to becoming healthier, not on becoming thing.

Many people find it easier to follow their dieting goals for long term success when their focus shifts from wanting to be thinner to wanting to be healthier. Change your thinking to selecting the right foods that will be best for your health, than worrying about your body weight. The Food Pyramid offers basic guidelines for what foods and the amount of foods you should eat each day to get the nutrients your body needs for maximum health.

Not only will you be losing weight safely, you will enjoy how much better you feel from eating the right foods and having the extra energy to exercise and workout without feeling sluggish or heavy. You will be working on fulfilling your weight loss goals from two separate but equally important perspectives: exercising throughout the day for burning excess calories and fat, and eating the right foods to look and feel healthier which will give you more energy to lose even more weight.

Switching to a brand new eating style that promotes safety in your weight loss diet plan must focus on decreasing your total caloric intake. But lowering calories doesn’t mean giving up taste, satisfaction or even easy meal preparation. One way you can decrease the calories you consume is by eating more plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, like whole grain bread and oatmeal. Discover the variety in the healthy foods there are that will to help you achieve your goals while experiencing new foods you might never have knew existed!

3. If you choose to use any weight loss diet pills, stay away from those marketed as fat burners that contain Ephedra. There are herbal plant extracts out there that can stimulate caloric energy release in a process called Thermogenesis, which is accelerated when you exercise, as well as plants like Hoodia Gordonii which can suppress the appetite while giving you more energy, and even fat binders which find to the fat in foods you eat and flush out that fat before it becomes absorbed in your body as new stored fat and calories.

Using weight loss diet pills that are based on herbal plants will be least likely to give you any side effects you may experience with prescription drugs, and can help you feel better about eating and maintain a positive attitude toward weight loss as they help you lose weight even faster.

All in all, a good attitude is crucial for your weight loss diet plan to work. A good feeling about where you want to be and how you want to look and feel can help you maintain the patience needed to see results and not try to see fast results. Fast weight loss or hurrying will only result in sacrificing safety for results that be gained back and then some.

Intead of fast weight loss, opt for long term, realistic goals and take baby steps. They work wonders!

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