Burrata cheese is makes the food look and taste better.


  • Burrata cheese is popularly used in restaurants.
  • You can also make this cheese with just two ingredients.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

Give us anything with cheese in it and we’ll love it. But, if the cheese comes not melted, not hidden, not grated but in a whole new alluring avatar, imagine how tempting it would be. This is exactly what burrata cheese does with cheese lovers like us all across the world. Originating from the cheese haven – Italy – burrata cheese is nothing like other cheeses; not in taste, and definitely not in looks. If you have even seen a white globe-like blob perched atop Italian dishes and salads and wondered what it is, now you have your answer.

So, what is burrata cheese?

Burrata cheese is handmade (not processed) variant of cheese that is shaped into a ball of soft cheese shell enclosing mushy cream inside. The cushiony blob is placed on the meals and when cut, bursts out a font of cheesy cream that trickles down on the food making it all the more delicious. Burrata cheese uplifts the taste of your food, makes it more attractive and springs up the element of surprise that will impress any discerning eater. You just need two ingredients to make it – Mozzarella cheese and heavy cream, that’s it!

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Burrata cheese is filled with cream inside.

(Makes cheese for 1 dish)

Ingredients –

2 packets of mozzarella cheese of about 200 grams each

Half cup heavy cream

Method –

Step 1 – Cut one mozzarella ball into small pieces. Heat a pan and add mozzarella pieces along with half cup cream. Heat till the cheese melts and you get a thick creamy paste. Remove from the gas and set aside.
Step 2 – Place the other mozzarella ball in a microwave-safe bowl. Fill it with water till the cheese is completely immersed. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and microwave for a couple of minutes till the cheese softens.

Step 3 – Drain the water and stretch the cheese with your hands to make a flattened dough (roti-like) and place it over the bowl. Pour the cheese-cream mixture in the centre, close the ends of the bread to make a large cheese ball.

Serve this homemade cheese by placing it on bread toasts, salads, pasta, omelette etc. Make restaurant-style food for your family and impress them with your artistic skills.

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