Arbi offers great taste and various health benefits.


  • Arbi not just brings good taste but also many health benefits.
  • There are many different dishes you can make with arbi.
  • We handpicked some of the best arbi recipes for you to try.

The season of arbi (or taro root or colocasia) is in full bloom and heaps of this starchy root vegetable is stacked in our kitchen, leaving us wondering what all we can do with it. Thanks to the part nutty and part sweet taste of arbi, it can be turned into different kinds of tasty dishes, including Indian-style sabzis, snacks and some Western delights. Also, its soft, pillowy flesh helps in churning out some fascinating dishes. Apart from its great taste and texture, arbi also provides a range of health benefits with its high fibre and antioxidant content facilitating weight loss and immunity.

Arbi may not be as popular as its popular counterparts like aloo or gobhi but it can match them if it comes to versatility. There are so many arbi recipes you can try at home, making use of the dynamic vegetable to the best of its capability. Spoiler alert: They are all easy to make and great in taste.

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arbi 2 625

Arbi or taro root has a soft flesh inside. 

7 Easy Arbi Recipes –

1. Sabut Arbi Sabzi

Boiled arbi is fried with ajwain, amchur, salt, chilli powder and black pepper, and garnished coriander leaves and lemon wedges. You can serve this as a dry side dish in your Indian platter.

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2. Roasted Arbi Tikki

Move over deep fried aloo tikki and try tawa roasted arbi tikki for a change of taste. Also, with less oil and a splash of flavours, this arbi snack is definitely worth a try.

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Arbi tikki makes for a delicious snack. 

3. Arbi Tamatar Wali

This sabzi made with chopped arbi pieces doused in a tangy tomato gravy with lots of spices will come as a breather to your simple Indian meal.

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4. Arbi Mutton Gosht

Arbi and mutton come together to make a stellar pair in this aromatic and flavourful non-vegetarian dish.

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5. Arbi Kadhi

This unusual kadhi made with arbi pakodi and arbi-and-curd gravy will win your heart instantly. Try it to believe it.

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6. Arbi Kofta

This arbi kofta snack is made with kuttu ka aata and paired with the refreshing mint-yogurt dip. It is filling and tasty, and perfect for fasting snack.

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arbi kofta

Arbi kofta served with curd dip is an excellent small meal. 

7. Baked Arbi with Feta Cheese

Moving away from Indian cuisine, this baked arbi mixed with fresh herbs, cheese, spices, honey, and topped with feta cheese can be your go-to healthy Italian meal.

Did you ever take arbi to be of such great use? After trying these recipes you surely will.

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