The most important ingredients used in Inji Puli are jaggery, tamarind and ginger

If you have explored Kerala cuisine, you surely have come across Sadhya – a huge spread of traditional vegetarian dishes, typically served on banana leaf during Oman. Literally meaning banquet in Malayalam, sadhya feast consists of about 24 to 28 dishes, served as a single course. However, the number of dishes may extend up to 64 sometimes. But the main dishes in this spread remain rice and kootan (including curries and condiments). One of the important dishes in kootan is inji puli or puli inji.

Inji puli is a sweet and sour pickle, which is touted to works as palate cleanser to balance out the other dishes on the platter. This dish is also a part of the cuisine of Tamil Nadu and is served during several celebratory feasts (virunthu). It is also enjoyed by the South Indian food lovers as an accompaniment with dosa, idli and upma.

How To Make Inji Puli | Inji Puli Recipe:

The most important ingredients used in Inji Puli are jaggery, tamarind and ginger. The sweetness of jaggery, the tartness of tamarind and the zing of ginger, along with a host of spices create a perfect blend to deliver that tingle on our tongue.

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The inclusion of spices like methi seeds, white sesame seeds and asafoetida makes this instant-pickle rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also provides healthy bacteria to the body and aids better digestion.

How To Store Inji Puli:

It is said inji puli tastes better after a day when the flavours mellow down. Hence, several people like to prepare it and store for late use. You can put it in a dry, airtight container and store in refrigerator for at least a month. Again, if cooked well, inji puli can also be stored for over a month, without refrigeration.

So, try this recipe at home and spruce up your regular meal instantly.

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