• We bring you a cake recipe that includes chhena
  • This chhena cake recipe is inspired from chhena poda
  • You may replace the sugar in this recipe with healthier alternatives

If you are anything like us, then no amount of cake is enough for you! However, good or bad the day is, a slice of soft and moist cake just makes it better and cheers you up. But baking this sweet delicacy is not as easy as it seems. It needs skill, dedication and patience to whip up a proper cake, without crumbling it. Alongside, it also needs a wide array of ingredients and the right kind of baking tools for the process. Hence, baking a cake is not always a feasible option for many, especially when you are looking for a quick-fix to your sweet cravings.

Instead, you may resort to this simple recipe that will help you make a cake with chhena (cheese curd) in just half-an-hour. This chhena cake recipe is inspired from chhena poda – the famous sweet dish of Odisha. All you need to prepare this dish is chhena, sugar, sooji, dry fruits and a drop of vanilla essence and a pressure cooker. The ones watching their weight may replace sugar with its healthier alternatives such as jaggery powder or coconut sugar. Let’s find out the recipe!

Here’s The Recipe For Quick And Easy Chhena Cake:


1-litre milk

Juice of two lemons

1 tablespoon Sooji

A handful of dried fruits and nuts of your choice, chopped

A drop of vanilla essence

Sugar, as per taste


Boil the milk and add lemon juice to it, after switching off the flame. Let the milk curdle.

Once the chhena is formed and the whey water is released, strain the water through a sieve. You may save the water for later usages. Click here to know-how.

Take the chhena again in cheesecloth and strain the water and moisture as much possible.

Add the chenna and all other ingredients in a bowl and mix everything together into a soft dough.

Brush some oil/ghee in a steel or aluminium tiffin box and place the dough evenly. Close the lid.

Now place the box in a pressure cooker containing some water. Let it steam for 15-20 minutes, without the vent. First 5 minutes should be on high flame and the rest should be on low flame.

Bring the cake to room temperature and indulge. You may also drizzle some honey or maple syrup or chocolate syrup on it.

Happy Cooking!

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