Chrissy Teigen’s easy way to make a delicious sunny-side up will win you over.


  • Chrissy Teigen shared an easy recipe to make sunny-side up eggs
  • The recipe by the actor-model was foolproof and easy to follow
  • Try this quick and easy recipe for a high-protein breakfast

Scrambled or boiled, poached or fried – there’s an egg dish for everyone out there. The humble ingredient find its way to salads, appetisers, and even desserts! The unbelievable sunny-side up eggs is one incredible dish which tingles of the taste buds of people across the world. Although the recipe itself seems easy, there is an intricate way of making sure the eggs come out perfect and delicious. Actor-model Chrissy Teigen shared her foolproof tutorial of how to make the ideal sunny-side up. Take a look at her post:

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Chrissy Teigen regularly shares recipes and foodie anecdotes from her life. Her posts often feature her two children as well her husband, singer-songwriter, John Legend. Teigen’s sunny-side up eggs recipe video received over 1.6 million views and several thousand comments and reactions. People were excited to learn this new method of making a half-fried egg which yields delicious results every time.

To begin with, Chrissy Teigen poured a generous amount of oil in order to coat the non-stick pan with a ‘thin layer’ of it. This was done while the heat was on, so as to properly coat the pan with oil at every inch. Next, she sprinkled a few drops of water to see if the pan sizzles in order to check if the oil had heated enough. Then she took two whole eggs, that had earlier been cracked open into a bowl. She slowly poured the egg into the pan and covered it to cook. Later, the sunny side up was sprinkled with salt and pepper and eaten with ham and fresh avocado slices. Take a look:

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The sunny-side up recipe is surely a no-brainer one which even beginner cooks can make at home! So, grab a pan and a few simple ingredients and whip up this delicious dish in no time.

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