No matter how delectable your baked goods are, if they are not presented well – you would always feel that there’s something amiss. Similarly, if we see a generous frosting or a dash of sprinkles on a cake we instantly assume it be delectable, without even tasting it. Such is the power of appearance when it comes to all things baked. If you are wondering how you can dress up your homemade cakes, we may have something of use. This Insider video shows us how to make DIY sprinkles to crown your doughnuts, cakes and pastry.

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To make sure your sprinkles stick to the icing, you would have to work fast. If the icing dries up, chances of sprinkles sticking on top also reduces. To make the sprinkles, you can simply take a piping bag, fill it with the mix of confectioner’s sugar, egg whites and edible colour, cut the end of the conical bag in order to have a sharp and pointy opening, do not cut out a very wide tip. Take a tray, put some parchment paper on top, draw thin, straight lines and some dots of you are willing too. Leave them in the fridge overnight. Pull out the grid of lines and dots, do not worry if they break. You are eventually going to cut them in tiny, chunky bits later. Try making your sprinkles in a range of colours, after all who does not like a nice pop of colour on their cakes and doughnuts.



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