Organizing a picnic, and running out of picnic food ideas? Picnic food items are easy to prepare, delicious and healthy. When preparing a picnic meal keep it simple and play with the flavours and aromas.

Picnic food items should be easy and fast to prepare, easy to eat, tasty and healthy too, especially for children. Picnics are the best occasion to encourage your kids to inculcate good and healthy eating habits.

On picnics one wants to relax and be casual. Thus, no one wants to follow sophisticated table manners. Therefore, keep the food item simple, which can be easily eaten with hands. Keep hassle free finger foods like or you can also keep a barbeque and serve grilled food, which are delicious, filling and easy to eat.

Following are the best and easy to cook picnic food ideas:

Picnic Appetizers: Appetizers will keep your guests and kids engaged and will prevent them from getting bored. Plus, the appetizers will keep them from getting hungry till the time you decide to start the lunch. Now it is very much easy, convenient and comfortably possible to accomplish he vacation one wished for, that too with a complete indulgence in luxury and comfort at its level best.

For appetizers arrange a platter of raw vegetables like cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, asparagus, etc and serve it with one or two nice dips. Keep one spicy and aromatic dip and the other one little subtly flavour and easy on hotness. You can probably keep one salsa dip and other a celery-sour cream dip. You can even buy readymade dips from the market. Instead of accompanying the platter with usually fried and unhealthy chips, try baked chips. These are healthy, less filling and a tasty option.

Sandwiches: Sandwiches are easy to make and does not take much time. Moreover, everyone likes sandwiches. You can get hundred of different recipes from the internet. Add sausages, pepperoni and lots of vegetables to make them delicious as well as healthy.

Desserts and Fruits: A meal is incomplete without a dessert. Bake or buy some pastries and pies for the desserts to relish your sweet tooth. Cut different fruits and top them up on whipped cream and garnish it with golden honey. This makes for a healthy and a delicious dessert promotional items.

Barbeque: If you are planning to set up a barbeque and serve your guests with freshly grilled scrumptious meats, then you can go in for frozen burger patties, kebabs, sausages, etc that are readily available in stores. Or else marinate the meat pieces, like chicken, seafood, etc. In herbs, flavoured olive oil, etc in advance. This, way the grilled meat will be tender and will have an intense flavour. Serve the barbeque dishes with readymade barbeque sauce or the freshly prepared two dips mentioned in the appetizer section.

Drinks: go in for lots of juices or juice concentrates and lemonade. Stock up lots of bottled water because children tend to be quiet active on picnics, and can get dehydrated.

Picnics can be more fun if you plan each and every detail well in advance, like the venue, picnic table plans, food items, etc. Easy to cook, easy to eat, delicious and nutritious food items can make picnic all the more enjoyable.

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