Growing up we have all shown tantrums on the dining table, and some of us continue to be little fussy (old habits die hard). More often than not, these tantrums were about the vegetables on our plate, few greens here, a potato there, a bit of karela pushed towards the corner of the plate. Well, it is tough to love all vegetables equally, yet when it comes to some desi mixed vegetable preparations, we are willing to forgo all our reservations and lick our plates clean! Is it the spices, the choice of veggies or the mode of preparations? We don’t know what is, but we certainly know of 5 mixed vegetable recipes from around India we can have around the day.

Here Are 5 Mixed Vegetable Recipes From Around India We Love:

1. Labra

The Bengali mixed-veg delight is one of the Durga Puja bhog staples. It is served with khichdi and usually comprises potatoes, brinjal, cabbage, pumpkin, cauliflower and the Bengali spice-mix panchphoron.


2. Avial

Hailing from God’s own country Kerala, did you know avial has a Mahabharat connection. According to the myth, it was invented by Bhima, who had to serve as a cook at King Virat’s kitchen for a year as part of his ‘Agyaat Vaas’. The creamy vegetable curry is made with green bananas, drumsticks, soft beans and fresh coconut milk. It is mostly enjoyed with appam or rice. Avial is also an intrinsic part of Onam Sadya.


3. Undhiyu

The Gujarati treat is a tempting mix of many winter vegetables like yam and raw banana. It also has the goodness of potatoes, beans and some besan muthiya for crunch. Undhiyu means upside down in Gujarati, that’s because in rural Gujarat it was cooked in earthen pots underground.

4. Bhaji

A feisty combination of different vegetables cooked and mashed together. Often served with buttery pav, this red-hot mix from Maharashtra has all our heart.


5. Navratan Korma

An assorted mix of vegetables of your choice, flavoured with ghee, peppercorns, garlic, onions, coconut milk and almonds. Richness overload!

Did we miss out on your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below!

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