Farzi Cafe Aerocity is a must-visit.

Aeorcity, Delhi has a distinct vibe that came as a breath of fresh air to Delhiites with a host of eateries with lively music and lovely ambience lined up overlooking the plush and bustling lanes of Worldmark. Farzi Cafe; nestled in the corner of the street is the first one that can be spotted and it invites you immediately. You are still not over the serene outdoor seating area enclosing the opulent, two-story plush restaurant, when their delicious food blows your mind. It is truly a ‘modern Indian bistro’.

This sums up exactly my experience at Farzi Cafe; Aerocity when I had a chance to enjoy a refreshing lunch and the outdoor seating was my obvious choice. The windy weather with warm sunshine just made it all the more better. Now, if you are wondering how I could be so calm visiting a restaurant amid the Coronavirus pandemic – well, the restaurant ensured to make me more than comfortable with its unbending sanitisation and hygienic practices. 

Coming to food, the starters gave my meal a perfect start. Whatever you order is, it will surprise you as soon it will reach your table. Everything came with a delightful twist, be it the vada pav, chaats chicken tikka, kebab or thepla tacos. The presentation earned them brownie points already and the taste won me over again. Not too spicy, but full of flavours – just the way I like my food. There was crispiness, crunchiness and loads of flavours in all the starters I ordered.

For mains, I decided to try Rajasthai kadi, onion rings with ghee pulao, and believe me it didn’t come to me as a regular kadhi-chawal affair; it looked as exquisite as it could look. 

Kheer Sheera Brulee with Puffed Rice Chikki, and chocolate dirt pile were the perfect desserts to end my meal on a sweet note. Also, their creamy frothy coffee livened up my mood and the whole meal. My next trip there would for their famous cocktails and bar food. 

What: Farzi Cafe
Where: 1, Ground Floor, World Mark 3, Aerocity, New Delhi
When: 12noon – 12midnight
Cost for two: INR 1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol


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