As the nip in the air intensifies, we are steering toward foods that are slightly warm and comforting, and one of things we often see ourselves preparing nowadays is a Halwa. Halwa is inarguably one of our all-time favourite preparations. Easy to prepare and quick, this dessert can put a wide grin across our face in no time and also adapt to our seasonal requirements. So, if summers were all about making lauki likeable with the ever-so-amazing lauki ka halwa, the monsoons and winters would also be also be remarkably different menu wise.

Gur (or jaggery), one of India’s ancient superfoods, is especially used a lot in preparation that require to be warm and soothing. It is not only replete with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, but also happens to be an excellent alternative to refined sugar as it does not bring on board empty calories.

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Adding jaggery to any dessert makes it instantly richer. In terms of taste too, jaggery is quite different from sugar — there is a certain earthy element to the former. This Gur ka halwa not only packs the richness of jaggery but also desi ghee, sooji and nuts. The best part about making halwa at home is that you get to decide the consistency, keeping it slightly thin may even help ease-off symptoms of cold. The recipe also comprises brown sugar, but that is completely option. We would not suggest ruling out the nuts, for they are very nutritious and elevates the flavour of the dish.

Here’s the recipe of Gud ka halwa.

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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