It has been established a number of times that drinking excess amount of soda could prove detrimental to your health. They are filled with added sugar that could lead to weight-gain and calorie overload. Many soda enthusiasts seem to think that iced tea and fruit juices are healthier options, but that is not entirely true. These drinks are also often loaded with liquid calories. Liquid calories have the potential to derail your weight loss efforts.

A new study revealed that sugary drinks in general could lead to long-term health concerns. The details revealed those who drank multiple sugary beverages a day had a 42 percent higher risk of developing health complications.

You would be surprised to know that a lot of fruits drinks like apple and orange juice contains sugar that is comparable to your favourite sodas.

Switching to water, could be a sustainable move for those who are in a habit of consuming drinks packed with added sugar. Doing so could help avoid health complications in future. However, if you still crave the sweetness of fruit drinks and sodas, can consider all-natural fresh-fruit juices.

Always flip the packet to read the ingredients. If it contains very high dosage of sucrose, fructose, added sugar — it is better to keep it aside.

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