• Sleep disorder can be harmful for overall health.
  • Diet changes can help solve sleeplessness.
  • Here are some effective diet tips for sound sleep.

Tossing and turning in our bed, glancing at the clock several times while trying to go to sleep – we have all been there. While this may be a rare occurrence for most of us, there are people who struggle through sleepless nights more often. Insomnia is a bigger problem than we perceive it to be. Not only it causes lethargy the next day, it may also lead to health problems due to lack of proper rest. Good sleep is important to recharge our body. It can be difficult to figure out the actual reason for sleeplessness; work, stress, medical conditions, diet and environment – any of these may be factoring in. While counter medications are available to resolve the issue, it is not really advisable to take. A better way to cope up with the situation is to make changes in your diet.

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Diet Tips For Good Sleep –

1. You may want to glug a couple of glasses of wine or other alcoholic beverages in the hope of just drifting away to sleep. But the fact is that the more you drink, the higher your chances are of waking up in the night.

2. Having early dinner, ideally two to three hours before bedtime may prevent acid reflux, digestion problems and other issues that may lead to interrupted sleep.

3. Coffee or tea can also be a culprit for your disturbed sleep. Reduce your caffeine intake towards the end of the day and replace it with herbal tea.

4. Many researchers blame consumption of junk food in the day for delayed sleeping at night. Fatty foods should be avoided if you are unable to sleep properly.

5. We have a habit of sipping water throughout the day, especially during summer. Reduce water intake before hitting the bed as it can make you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, sometimes, more than once.

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