This lady managed to finish a whopping 10 donuts in just three minutes.


  • A world record was made for the maximum number of donuts
  • The donuts had to be eaten in three minutes without stopping
  • Take a look at the viral video of the food competition here

Speed eating competitions are highly popular across the globe, with a number of participants trying to eat the maximum quantity of a certain dish. World records are often broken in the field of competitive eating, which involves stretching binge-eating prowess to the highest possible limit. Many have their eyes set on the cash prize that can be won, as well as the recognition just by eating a certain quantity of food in a stipulated time. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. A recent video of a certain food world record being broken proves exactly that.

Guinness World Records took to Twitter to share the video of a lady who attempted to eat the highest possible number of Jam-filled donuts in just three minutes. Take a look:

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The lady featuring in the video by Guinness World Records is Leah Shutkever from England. She can be seen sitting on the floor with a table in front of her and ten jam-filled donuts laid out on two plates. A countdown timer runs behind her, and she has to show her empty mouth after finishing every donut to fulfil the challenge. Another rule of the world record committee was that she was not allowed to lick her lips while eating the donuts. This made the entire feat a formidable task, but Leah Shutkever managed to polish off the two plates with ten donuts nevertheless.

Leah Shutkever calls herself UK’s number one female competitive eater. She holds a whopping seven Guinness World Record titles to her name, and she keeps making appearances online and offline in a number of food challenges. One of her recent world records broken in 2020 was to eat maximum number of tomatoes in the timespan of one minute. Leah Shutkever managed to down eight tomatoes in just one minute!

Kudos to her for the world record achievement, and we hope to see more such interesting and fun challenges from across the globe soon!

Watch The Full YouTube Video Of The Jam Donuts Challenge Here:

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