• Corns are a monsoon staple
  • Corns are very versatile
  • You can use corns to make variety of snacks

Serve us anything crispy, crunchy and delectable, and we would lap it up in no time. Perhaps even be guilty of tucking in a bit too much. But ’tis the season to indulge after all! Monsoon is here in full swing and we want to make sure we tick off everything from our monsoon bucket list; this means lots and lots of corns. Roasted, boiled or crispy, corns in any avatar are bound to impress. If you are particularly a fan of crispy corns that you get at your favourite buffet restaurant, then fret not, we may have found the ideal recipe with which you can mimic the same magic at home.  

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This crispy corns recipe video by food vlogger and YouTuber Parul on her channel ‘Cooking With Parul’ will help you make this delight at home without putting any extra effort. All you need are some corns (separated from the cob),some flour, select spices, and a few veggies. Crusty from outside, juicy from inside, these corn kernels are a hit with kids and adults, alike.

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In a pan, heat water. Reduce the flame to medium and boil the corn kernels. Strain the kernels and let them cool. Now, to these corns add some cornflour, rice flour. Mix the corns with some salt, black pepper powder and red chilli powder. Make sure all corns are coated. Take another pan, heat some oil on medium flame. Add the corns and fry them. Make sure you fry them in medium flame, else they will start popping. Fry all the batches, and mix it with secret masala seasoning.  

Here’s the recipe video of Crispy Corn:

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