• Protein helps keep you satiated
  • Khichdi is a good source of protein
  • You can spruce up your khichdi in many ways

If there’s any comfort food that can unite most desi foodies, it has to be a plateful of Khichdi with a generous dollop of ghee, perhaps some papad or pickle on the side or a mixed vegetable sabzi. For the unversed, khichdi is a one pot meal made with combining rice, dal and some spices. These are the basic ingredients that are common to all khichdi recipes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot play around more. Khichdi offers you enough room to experiment and explore. There are a range of ways in which we like to spruce up our khichdi, one of the ways could be including some seasonal goodness in your khichdi. For instance, this Bardoli ki Khichadi that comes loaded with the goodness of tur dal and raw mangoes! Yes, you heard us. Raw mangoes have a delightful sour taste, when mixed with hot peppers they become a stellar addition to this khichdi.

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Bardoli is a district based in Gujarat. Gujarat, incidentally, is also renowned for countless mango-based dishes, and especially how they use mangoes in savoury delights. We all have heard of the delicious mango kadhi, haven’t we? This khichdi too is a fine example of the Gujarati ingeniousness.

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There are a range of ways in which we like to spruce up our khichdi

Khichdi is one of the easiest recipes you can put together, but did you know it is one the healthiest Indian recipes too?! The rice and dal combination has been heralded as the ‘complete source of protein’ by many nutritionists. Protein, as we all know, is a building block of life. It helps build muscle and aid muscle recovery. It is also helpful for those who are trying to lose some extra kilos. Protein helps induce a feeling of satiety; if you feel full, you would not tend towards fattening snacks and when you start eating in controlled portions, you are likely to lose those extra kilos much easier.

Here is the step-by-step recipe of Bardoli khichdi.

You can pair this khichdi with chutney, achaar, papad or dahi, or tuck into it as it is.  Make sure you serve it hot, not many are fans of cold khichdi!
Try this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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