These Thai curry recipes are a must-try.


  • Thai curry is a signature dish of Thai cuisine.
  • You can make different kinds of Thai curry at home.
  • Here are 5 Thai curry recipes that you must try.

For those who like to explore different cuisines, Thai food is a great option. Thai curry with rice is the most common Thai food available in India. Thai curry is made with lots of vegetables or meat doused in creamy coconut-based gravy, which is best paired with steamed or sticky rice. There are different kinds of Thai curry dishes to suit one’s taste preference. Do you know what all Thai curry options are there other that the popular red Thai curry and green Thai curry? Take a look at the recipe list below and you’ll realise that you can make the famous Thai curry in so many different ways for different days.

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Thai curry can be made in different ways with different foods. 

Different Thai Curry Recipes You Can Try At Home

1. Vegetable Thai Red Curry

Red bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, zucchini and bamboo shoots are simmered in coconut milk broth before cooking them in unsweetened coconut milk suffused with delicate Thai flavours.

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2. Thai Green Coconut Curry

This curry is not loaded with vegetables but packs in a whole lot of creaminess from coconut milk. Basil and coriander leaves add a distinct freshness to this soul-soothing Thai dish.

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3. Yellow Thai Curry

This bright yellow curry with authentic Thai flavours may not be commonly seen in our country but it deserves full marks for its unique flavours. Lemon grass, kafir lime, Thai ginger and lime juice enhance the flavours of all the vegetables used to make this delicious Thai curry.

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4. Thai Green Chicken Curry

Chicken lovers, this one is for you. The same freshness and creaminess of green curry but loaded with your favourite chicken makes this Thai curry a must-try.

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5. Thai Fish Curry

Rich, tangy, creamy, spicy – all these flavours describe this Thai curry which tastes even better with succulent fish dunked in it. If you are in a mood to eat fish, pick this recipe.

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Plain rice and dense gravy is a great combo for all times. If it comes with delectable Thai flavours, it is even betters. So try these easy Thai curry recipes at home to enjoy a yummy rice meal every single time.

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