You go to any extravagant Bengali spread, and you would find a range of both non-vegetarian (amish) and vegetarian (niramish) delicacies. We have tried and heard copious amounts about the rich fish and meat-based dishes hailing from Bengal, but how many Bengali vegetarian curries can you count on your fingers? When it comes to Bengali cuisine there’s plenty to talk about, for instance, the intricate balance of flavour, the nuanced texture and the ingenious use of local and seasonal produce.

Dhokar Dalna is perhaps one of the most decadent Bengali curries of all times, packing many local favourite ingredients. Chana dal, one of the region’s most beloved lentil is soaked overnight, and blended into a fine paste. This paste is then combined with cumin, ginger, red chilly powder and is allowed to cool off for while. But before that it is cut in beautiful diamond or rectangular shape, and given some height- so when they cool they resemble cut pieces of a cake! These fried cakes are then tossed in a gravy made with a pool of rustic spices and potato. The crispy cakes are softened by the luscious gravy, and deliciously complemented by fried cubes of potato.

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The textures in this gravy dish are sure to impress anyone who enjoys all things rich and wholesome. Dhokar dalna is popularly paired with steaming hot rice, but if you want, you could have it with hot luchi as well.

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Chana dal cakes are fried and tossed in a gravy

The real challenge in this dish is to make the cakes, which with time you will learn is not so tedious an affair after all. This recipe uses a simple way:

  • Take a big plate and gently grease it with oil. Take the paste and pour it on the plate. While it is warm, pat the paste with your hands and form a flat but a little-raised structure around the whole plate.
  • Now take a knife and cut the paste in small square or diamond shapes. Let the lentils paste get cool and hard. Leave it for five minutes. When the structures are ready, take them out slowly.

Here is the step-by step recipe of dhokar dalna.

Try making it at home and let us know how you like it in the comments section below!

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