You can try pairing rice with healthy and light foods.

Rice is such an intrinsic part of a quintessential Indian diet that a lot of Indians do not deem a meal complete until they get some portion of rice. In the world of health and nutrition, however, rice has been under scrutiny for the longest time, due  to which many weight-watchers have developed reservations against rice. But you must know that very few experts would actually suggest you to consume rice, since it also happens to be a source of easily digestible carbs, which is good for energy and helps ease absorption of nutrients. What is, in fact, suggested is – moderation. You have to keep an eye on your portion-size, otherwise even the healthiest of foods could take your health for a toss.

You can try pairing it with healthy and light foods. Since summer is upon us it is a good idea to mix your rice with all things summery and cool. Here are 5 summer-special delightful rice meals that are, satiating, cool on your tummy and super yummy!

Here Are 5 Light And Delightful Rice Meals For Summers:

1. Mint Rice

Mint (or pudina) is a summer staple we cannot do without, from chutney to raita, just a handful of this zingy herb can any mundane meal an instant face-lift. Just one hearty portion of this mint rice is sure to cheer you up.

2. Curd Rice

A comfort meal that never ceases to impress. Apart from being cooling and soothing on tummy, curd is known to do wonders for your gut health, digestion and immunity. Tempered with tantalising mix of spices, this curd rice is a perfect dish for days you are seeking something light.


3. Lemon Rice

The ever-so delightful lemon rice is wholesome fare you can rustle up in no time. You may or may not pair it with tangy sambhar. Try this sensational recipe and we bet you would understand what makes the rice dish so incredibly popular.

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The ever-so delightful lemon rice is wholesome fare you can rustle up in no time

4. Green Coriander Rice

Made with goodness of coriander, mint, capsicum and curd, this one-pot recipe is a medley of unforgettable flavours. It is also made with brown rice, which means you can chomp on it with much less guilt.

5. Mango Rice

 Think summers and we cannot stop thinking about mangoes. The umpteen preparations we have with mango is proof of our sheer love for the king of fruits. Blending the tarty goodness of raw mango with wholesome goodness of rice, this dish is a stellar addition to any lazy lunch spread.

Try these delectable dishes and let us know how you liked it in the comments below!

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