• Barfi is a classic Indian sweet that no one can ever resist
  • It is one of the most popular Indian sweet around.
  • Here is a delectable cookie barfi that you can try at home

Let’s just agree that most of us have a weak spot for all things sweet, right? No matter how the mood is, there is never a bad time for a piece of cake or a melt-in-mouth barfi. A favourite among the vast repertoire of Indian sweets, barfi comes in all sorts of flavours, colours, shapes and textures. Cut into neat cubes, triangles or diamonds, there is quite nothing like a decadent barfi after a hearty meal. And as soon as the thought of barfi comes up, the first one to cross our mind is the humble Kaju Barfi, made with rich cashew nuts. But there are so many unique barfis that you can try at home. Here we bring the recipe of no-bake biscuit barfi for you.

The traditional barfis would typically be made with milk, nuts, sugar and khoya along with flavours that you wish to try. From rich dry fruits to decadent chocolate and crunchy seeds, one can make barfis with just about anything. For biscuit barfi, you need crunchy, crispy biscuits along with some simple ingredients.

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Here is a simple and easy cookie barfi recipe that you can try at home.

Cookie Barfi Recipe


A no-bake cookie barfi, where sugar-free biscuits are grounded, mixed with ghee, sugar, fresh cream and milk into a dough along with dark chocolate, cookie barfi involves simply rolling the dough into cylindrical shapes wrapped in a foil paper and freezing for a few hours. The result is no less than drool-worthy, yummy barfis that are perfect to serve on a festive occasion.

While preparatory time for these cookie barfis are just about 30 minutes, it can take much longer for them to freeze. So if you are planning to make these at home on a special occasion, start accordingly.

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