• Green tea is a favourite among lovers of the beverage
  • Green Iced tea is also an interesting recipe that can be made at home
  • Try this green iced tea during summer months for a refreshing drink

The benefits of green tea are commonly known to everyone, including lowering blood pressure and helping in weight loss. During the sweltering summer months, a cup of hot green tea may not sound too appetising. However, owing to its health benefits the green tea should not be obliterated from the diet entirely. Just because it’s summers, doesn’t mean we can’t have our favourite beverage! This green iced tea recipe is a winner in every way, and can be easily made at home in the summer months.

If you have green tea bags at home, which were lying unused due to the onset of summers, this green iced tea recipe is the perfect way to use them up. The best part of the green tea recipe is that there is no ingredient that is too difficult to obtain. All of these ingredients are easily available within the kitchen. The green iced tea recipe is easy to make, light, refreshing and super healthy too! Tea-lovers rejoice as we discover another way of consuming the much-loved beverage. The citrusy zing thanks to the presence of lemon juice in the recipe also makes it super healthy and great for the summer months. Iced tea is a much-loved drink by itself, and with the green tea twist it gets an earthy and delicious flavour!

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ffdjmk6oGreen Iced Tea makes for a refreshing summer drink. 

Green Iced Tea Recipe: Here’s How To Make Green Tea With An Icy Cold Spin


5 Green Tea bags

10 cups water

1 lemon

Ice cubes

Sugar, if required


1. Boil water. Remove from heat and the green tea bags to it.

2. Let the tea brew for 5-7 minutes.

3. Pour the tea concoction into a glass over some ice to let it cool.

4. Add more water if necessary, and mix sugar as required.

5. Cut the lemon into half and squeeze the juice from both halves into the glass. Make sure to not let the lemon seeds fall into the iced tea.

6. Top it off with some more iced cubes. Serve chilled.

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