Make ice cream out of chai with this easy recipe at home.

Summers are here in full swing and with it comes the season of indulging in cooling foods and refreshing beverages to beat the heat. Among the most sough-after summer foods is the chilled ice cream. The creamy sweet treat with its unique flavours is loved across age-groups. It not only tingle our taste-buds but cools down the body instantly like nothing else. Besides everything, ice cream is an instant mood lifter for sure! From a bad day at work or a dull weekend at home, there’s nothing that a large scoop of ice-cream can’t fix. Isn’t it?

A hot summer afternoon demands a huge bowl of ice cream for sure. And the flavours are endless! From decadent chocolate to crunchy butterscotch and classic vanilla or strawberries, these traditional flavours are an all-time favourite. But ice creams like everything else in the world of culinary have evolved, from cooking techniques to even flavours. And masala chai ice cream is here to prove exactly that!

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Love your evening cuppa chai but cannot say no to ice cream as well? Masala chai ice cream is a lovely blend of your kadak chai with the decadent ice cream. And guess what? You can make it at home too!

Masala Chai Ice-Cream Recipe:

In our recipe of masala chai ice cream, milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, masala tea powder and tea concentrate are combined and boiled in a saucepan till thick. It is cooled and poured over ice to freeze for a minimum of 4-5 hours. Yes, that’s it! Easy, fuss-free and absolutely delicious, masala chai ice cream is simply the perfect flavour to indulge this summer season.

With this delightful chai ice cream, you would never go back to your piping hot cup of tea in this hot season. Instead, make batches altogether of masala chai ice cream and relish all season long!

Find the full recipe of masala chai ice cream here.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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