How To Make Restaurant-Style Cheese-Stuffed Garlic Bread In Pressure Cooker

Stuffed garlic breads are always a delight to bite into

Anything oozing with cheese is a dish good enough for us; and if you also belong to the same school of thought, you will love the recipe we have for you here. Garlic bread is unarguably one of our all-time favourite appetisers, we love it fresh and piping hot – we like it even better if it comes with oodles of cheese and herbs. Stuffed garlic breads are a rage among kids and adults alike these days. Most of these garlic breads are filled with liquid cheese and olives or jalapenos. What looks like one of the most exquisite ways to combine bread and cheese, is actually a fare super easy to put together. Don’t’ believe us? Try this stellar recipe of cheese-stuffed garlic bread at home and see for yourself!

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The recipe was posted by Indian YouTuber, Reshu, on her YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’. Bursting with cheese, this garlic bread makes for an ideal snack you can prepare while in lockdown. It is also made in pressure cooker, so you do not even require a fancy oven to make this. You would require milk, dry yeast, an sugar. Make sure you mix it well. Keep it aside for five minutes. Now, add some garlic (chopped), salt (to taste), some oregano, and a cup of all purpose flour. Mix it well in a dough. For the filling, this recipe has used melted butter, garlic, coriander leaves and mozzarella cheese. Give your bread a semi-circular shape using your hands. Let it cook. You can serve the garlic bread with ketchup, chilly sauce or spicy mayonnaise.

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