Anushka Sharma shared her immunity-boosting menu.


  • Immunity boostng has become all the more important in this season
  • Anushka Sharma shared her immunity-boosting menu including turmeric
  • Turmeric and lemon are two of the most popular kitchen ingredients

The global Coronavirus outbreak has led several countries to a complete lockdown. As India too goes through a 21-day complete lockdown that began on 25th March, 2020, people have started to reconsider their lifestyle and food choices amid the growing concern of immunity. Boosting one’s immunity becomes all the more important during the weather change when seasonal infection is at its peak. And our celebrities are trying to make the most of some basic kitchen ingredients to prepare immunity-boosting recipes.

Turmeric is one kitchen ingredient that tops the list when we speak of immunity. Be it Sara’s turmeric milk or Bipasha Basu’s turmeric powder, seems like everyone’s swearing on this wonder ingredient. And recently, Anushka Sharma too joined in! The ‘Pari’ actor took to Instagram stories to share her morning ‘immunity boost menu’, which included two of the most popular kitchen ingredients for immunity – turmeric and lemon.

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Anushka Sharma shared three pictures of her immunity-boosting session that started with a turmeric mix, followed by lemon water and ended with alkaline water. She shared the first image of turmeric and wrote, “Starting morning with HALDI” along with a heart emoticon.


Anushka sure seems to be a fan of turmeric since we’ve often seen the wonder ingredient gracing her social media. Remember the turmeric latte or haldi doodh she posted recently?

The jar full of lemon water on her menu can surely give a refreshing start to the day.


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The last thing on Anushka Sharma’s immunity-boosting menu was alkaline water that can be made with lemon or baking soda by simply mixing them with water. It boasts of many health benefits, including boosting immunity. Alkaline water help neutralises the acidity in our body by lowering excessive acidic content which is caused by poor diet, stress and environmental toxins.


While turmeric comes loaded with a compound called curcumin that is said to reduce oxidative stress, lemon is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that help fight free radical activity and foster immunity. And Anushka Sharma seems to be ready to fight the seasonal flus with these simple kitchen ingredients!

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