• Soups are a soothing treat that are very easy to put together
  • Soups can be very versatile
  • It is very easy to make hot and sour soup at home

There’s some quality about the soups in restaurant, you can sip and sip and never get bores. Yet, when you try making soups at home, it is not even close to what you had at your favourite Chinese restaurant. Is it about the ingredients, the method, or both? There are many factors why you cannot imitate the restaurant-style charm at home, but it is certainly not an impossible feat. All you need is the right recipe and a dire need to bid adieu to the store-bought soup sachets.

Soups are mostly served as appetisers, but at times, they are so good that they end up becoming the talking point of the whole spread. Manchow, sweet corn, clear vegetable — there are many kinds of soups that are our go-to favourites, one of them is definitely the hot and sour soup. And why not, it is bold, zingy, flavourful and all things delicious.

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With this recipe of hot and sour soup, you can make the classic at home and be the star of any occasion. The soothing treat is a hit among both kids and adults alike. With monsoon upon us, there cannot be a better addition to your daily menu than this. For the stock, you can use any stock of your choice chicken or vegetable. Try and not skip corn flour, as that helps lend the velevety texture to the soup that we adore so much, you can however cut back on it a bit- if you are so weary of carbs. The spices are intrinsic to making the soup ‘hot’ and this recipe uses the combination of some of the choicest.

Try this hot and sour soup recipe at home and brace yourself for a drool-worthy affair.

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