• Tulsi and paneer are excellent foods for boosting immunity.
  • Make tulsi paneer sandwich for protein-rich breakfast.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

We all secretly wish all those great-tasting foods were healthy too. We literally could eat pizza, pasta, cheese toasts and other such indulgent foods every day if they were not so bad for our health. It saddens us that they are not, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise and settle with with average-tasting foods. You can make yourself a hale and hearty meal that will cater to both your taste buds and bodily health. Start your day with one such power-packed, protein-rich breakfast, which you can enjoy guilt-free. Basil (tulsi) and paneer (cottage cheese) – two super nutritious foods come together to make a great sandwich that is an absolute delight.

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Basil or tulsi is known to be good for boosting immunity. 

What makes a sandwich truly worth eating? Some cheesiness and creaminess from cheese slices, grated cheese or mayonnaise is all we want. That’s what we all think but we are wrong. You can obtain the same creaminess from the healthy cottage cheese (paneer) when grated. To add more healthfulness, add basil leaves for a fresh herby flavour and loads of nutrition.

Basil provides innumerable health benefits and is great for building immunity, and so is paneer, with its high protein content. Both the foods make a great team to give you a healthy meal for breakfast.

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Grated paneer adds creaminess to meals. 

How To Make Tulsi Paneer Sandwich:


4 Bread loafs

Half small onion

Half small tomato

10-12 basil leaves

1/4 cup grated paneer

Salt to taste

Oregano to taste

Black pepper powder to taste

Red chilli flakes to taste


1. First of all, use whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread or any healthier bread you like to have. To make 2 sandwiches, use 4 bread loafs.

2. Chop half small onion and half small tomato and put them in a bowl. (You can use cherry tomatoes also).

3. Add salt, black pepper, oregano and chilli flakes, as per your taste.

4. Add grated paneer (about 1/4 cup or more) and mix well.

5. Add 10-12 fresh basil leaves (you can chop them before adding) and mix well. You can add some fresh coriander leaves also.

6. Stuff the breads with this tulsi and paneer mixture and grill or toast the breads to make sandwiches.

7. You can also bake the toasts without covering to make pizza-like bread. Feel free to add other veggies like chopped bell peppers and grated carrots to this sandwich. More flavours, more nutrition – more is always better.

Make this delightful and surprisingly creamy sandwich with the goodness of tulsi and paneer for healthy breakfast. Kids will love it, we assure you.

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