A club sandwich is made with 3 slices of bread and is a wholesome affair.


  • Sandwich is a sure shot way to satiate hunger and cravings
  • A club sandwich is a wholesome and quick breakfast option
  • Here are 3 club sandwich recipes you can try at home

One cannot think of breakfast without some bread in the picture. Bread, butter, eggs and milk are some of the most common breakfast options all across the world. Not only is bread easy and quick to make, it is a versatile option as well. From toasted bread to butter-bread, to French toast and to sandwiches, there are endless breakfast options to explore. Yet the good old sandwich never fails to satiate one to the core of the heart.

Simple, quick and easy to make and fulfilling to the core, sandwiches don’t just make for a great breakfast but also fix those mid-day hunger pangs. And a club sandwich seems to be one of the most fulfilling sandwiches of the lot.

A club sandwich is made with three slices of bread, lightly toasted (some prefer it untoasted), stuffed with slices of chicken or vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, along with crisp bacon (optional), iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise. That is all and you’ll have a wholesome breakfast on the go. We’ve got three of the best club sandwiches that you can try at home for a wholesome, quick and easy breakfast!

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1. Chicken Club Sandwich

Toasted slices of bread are laced with butter, mayonnaise and mustard. Stuffed with lettuce, cheese, cooked chicken, tomatoes and fried egg, chicken club sandwich is perfect to prepare for a satiating, high-protein breakfast while rushing for work. Find the recipe here.

2. Healthy Club Sandwich

Packed with wholesome vegetables, this healthy club sandwich has the goodness of whole wheat bread, iceberg lettuce leaves, bell pepper and zucchini stuffed between slices of bread. It is laced with a wasabi spread and mozzarella cheese. One can make the non-vegetarian version of this with smoked turkey breast and white omelette. Find the recipe here.

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3. Bean Club Sandwich

Dunked in the delicious flavour of Worcestershire sauce, bean club sandwich has mashed onions and baked bean, crispy fried bacon and lettuce leaves spread between the slices of toast. Garnished with spring onion, bean club sandwich is an ideal snack for breakfast and hunger pangs. Find the recipe here.

Give your breakfast a wholesome twist with these quick and easy club sandwich recipes. Try these at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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