Let’s admit it, there are only a few vegetables that are almost as dear to us as potatoes. The tuber is used in our curries, sides, biryani and even desserts! Have you ever seen a veggie impress on so many accounts, so many times a day? We certainly have not. Potatoes are not only an intrinsic part of our daily fare, but also a treasure of nutrients. Believe it or not, potatoes can do wonder for your health. They are replete with dangerous free radical fighting antioxidants, heart-friendly fibres and potassium that keeps our BP in check. Yes, they have been under immense scrutiny for past few years because of their high carb content. But very few nutritionists would actually recommend eliminating the healthy tuber from your diet completely. Yes, you may have to cut back on your consumption of fries, wedges and deep-fried patties, but something as simple and healthy as a boiled potato never harmed anyone. However, there’s a catch.

Boiling potatoes is perhaps one of the easiest tasks we can perform in a kitchen, but when it comes to peeling them, we tend to shudder a bit. If by any chance, you have nails longer than the usual length, you know you are in for a messy ride ahead.  But you would be happy to know that there are a few hacks in which you can peel boiled potatoes that are not only quick but are also hassle-free:

You can run the boiled potato under cold water and with help of your nails and bare hands skin it. This helps the skin come off very easily; however, there could be some traces of potato underneath your nails.

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Potatoes are a storehouse of nutrition

You can run a paring knife around the circumference of the potato and then put it to boil. Now remember, you only have to make slightly deep marks around the potato, and not actually cut the potato in half. This way, when you take out the boiled potato, you can just hold it in your two palms and with some pressure applied by your thumb, separate the peels in an outward direction. It would be a good idea to run the hot boiled potato in cold water before you start the skinning.

Try these tricks and let us know how you liked them.  

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