Falooda, in earlier times was a drink only meant for royalty.


  • Falooda used to be a decadent concoction in the royal courts of Mughal
  • It works as the perfect antidote to a sweltering hot day
  • Here is how you can make it easily at home

Indian cuisine is replete with so many delicious traditional drinks that one cannot resist having a sip or two. Be it lassi, thandai, aam panna, kanji or a simple jal jeera, one sip of these refreshing drinks is sure to make us drool, don’t you agree? Falooda is one such drink that many of us love to gorge on! As per food historians, falooda was presented in the royal courts and is said to be Jahangir’s favourite drink too, hence, it is most commonly found in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. It is flavoured with ingredients such as rose syrup, jelly cubes, ice cream and vermicelli with milk.

Besides being a decadent treat to our taste buds, falooda has many health benefits and is a great source of nutrition as well. A glass of chilled falooda drink can cool you down in sweltering summer months and give an instant bout of energy too. There are many versions and combinations of falooda one can find around town such as rabri-falooda and kulfi falooda being two of the most popular ones!

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Even though one can find countless places to get delightful falooda, the joy of making it at home is unparalleled. And the best part is you can experiment with different flavours and ingredients at home. Choose to make fresh falooda sev or use store-bought vermicelli, add in rose syrup or khus along with choice of dry fruits, nuts and seeds and top with rabdi if you like!

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Here we have a simple falooda recipe that begins with making falooda sev from scratch and goes on to making a yummy, beautiful-looking falooda drink!

In the recipe, cornflour is boiled and made into a cornflour paste that is sieved from a colander to make falooda sev. The sev is then topped over glasses full of milk with rose syrup along with isabgol seeds, which are known to be good for digestion.

Find the full recipe here.

You can top this with rabri, ice-cream/kulfi or seeds of your choice.

Try this decadent chilled beverage at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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