Here is a simple, fuss-free fried chicken recipe that you can try at home.


  • Fried chicken is a delicious snack for every occasion
  • It is easy, quick and irresistibly delicious
  • Here is how you can make south-Indian style fried chicken at home

There are times when one craves for a crunchy, juicy chicken so bad that anything else wouldn’t just make the cut. Well, earlier one could simply order-in from their favourite restaurant, but due to the current pandemic situation, it could be risky. This has led all our food cravings to our own kitchens and is making us experiment with our culinary skills. Fried chicken is one dish that we simply can’t have enough of!

The crunchy, crumbly skin enclosing juicy and soft chicken inside is perhaps every chicken lover’s weakness. And let’s just agree that a bowl of fried chicken is a perfect dish to serve on all occasions! A game night, a dinner party or just those mid-day chicken cravings, fried chicken is ideal for all occasions.

Marinated in a pool of spices, deep-fried to perfection and served with a tantalising sauce, fried chicken can be a stellar snack to prepare during the monsoon season. While the classic north Indian fried chicken is a tantalising blend of spices, south Indian style fried chicken has wholesome lentils, seeds, chillies and spices that make it an irresistible treat.

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How To Make South-Indian Style Fried Chicken

The addition of white urad dal and mustard seeds lends a unique aroma and flavour when sautéed with fennel seeds, red chillies and onion. The bite-sized chicken pieces used in this recipe are only marinated with two ingredients- turmeric and salt. This also helps bring forth the natural, raw flavours of chicken chunks that are often diluted in the pool of spices otherwise. The chicken is then stirred in with the onion mix over a high flame and served hot!

Find the full recipe of south Indian style fried chicken here.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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