There are many who believe khichdi is all things bland and boring.


  • Protein helps keep you satiated
  • Protein is also called the building block of life
  • Khichdi is often called a complete source of protein

There is something so soothing about khichdi that it continues to be one of our most favourite comfort meal of all times. In addition to being our savior on days we are in no mood to cook, khichdi is also served on a variety of festive occasions such as Makar Sankranti and Durga Puja bhog. In many places around the country, it is also one of the first solid foods consumed by a baby. And yet, there are many who believe khichdi is all things bland and boring. If you also happen to be one of those, here are some ways in which you can spruce up your khichdi and understand the hype, after all.

Here Are 6 Tips And Tricks To Spruce Up Khichdi:

1. Try A Mix of Dals

When you are cooking khichdi, instead of one kind of dal, you can experiment with a variety of dals: Moong, tur, masoor, there are options galore. Here is a protein-packed recipe comprising the goodness of three dals.


2. Experiment With New Millets And Grains

 Why stick to rice and dal when you can experiment with a variety of millets and grains? For instance, this bajre ki khichdi or oats khichdi. Both of these khichdis are packed with weight-loss-friendly protein, fibre and antioxidants.

3. Toast The Dal Separately

Toasting the dal before you add them to the pot where you are cooking khichdi lends a delectable smoky quality to the fare. The ‘bhuni hui khichdi’ is also ideal for those who do not like there khichdi to be too mushy.

4. Add Vegetables

While the popular rice and dal combination works wonders for us, there is no harm in adding some more goodness to this one-pot treat. You can throw in any vegetable you like in this blend. Potatoes, beans, carrots, peas – just about anything and enjoy the wholesome offering any time of the day.


There is no harm in adding some more goodness to this one-pot treat

5. Seasonal Fruits Can Also Help

If vegetables could do the trick, why to leave the fruits behind. Try this famous Bardoli Khichdi that packs the goodness of raw mangoes! There, we saw you slurping a bit.

6. Some Chutney And Papad To The Rescue

If there’s nothing you could do while the khichdi is being cooked, there’s still some amount of ‘fixing’ you can do afterward. You can serve it with tomato chutney,pudine ke chutney, pyaaz ki chutney, garlic chutney etc. Adding some crunchy papad can also help uplift the overall experience.
Try these tips and let us know how you liked our ideas!

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