• Health experts are time and again insisting on boosting our immunity
  • Kadha is one of the oldest and treasured medicinal secrets of India
  • Kadha is basically a concoction of various traditional herbs and spices

As the world is under a constant threat of Covid-19 pandemic, health experts are time and again insisting on boosting our immunity. Although it has not been proved whether strong immunity helps in treating the novel Coronavirus or not, it may help you have an overall better health. While some people are blessed with good immunity, others are resorting to various natural ways to strengthen their stamina, immune system and overall health. Many of us are practicing regular yoga, breathing exercises and more and even trying natural concoctions like herbal teas, drinks and kadhas.

Speaking about kadha, it will not be an exaggeration if we term it to be one of the oldest and treasured medicinal secrets of India. It is basically a mix of various traditional herbs and spices that help us to keep strong from within.

Here we bring you an easy immunity-boosting kadha recipe that can be prepared with some common herbs and spices like tulsi, ginger, turmeric, mulethi, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves. The best part is you can prepare and store it for future use. All these herbs and spices are power packed with various health benefiting nutrients and can be found easily in any Indian kitchen.

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How To Make This Immunity Boosting Kadha| Immunity Boosting Kadha Recipe:


Ginger- 1 inch

Raw turmeric- 1 inch

Tulsi- 8-10

Mulethi- 4-5 sticks

Cinnamon- 4-5 sticks

Black pepper- 10-12

Cloves- 10-12

Water- 8-10 cups


Step 1. Pour the water in a saucepan and put all the ingredients in it.

Step 2. Boil it for at least 1 hour in a low/medium flame.

Step 3. Switch off the flame and cool it down.

How To Store This Immunity Boosting Kadha:

You can store this kadha for 2 days in refrigerator. All you need to do is, strain the drink in a sterilised airtight glass bottle and close the lid well. Warm it well before drinking. Do not warm the whole thing; just take as much you need.

Pro-tip: You may also add some green tea, lemon and honey while warming this kadha for consumption.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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