Lockdown Dessert: This 5-Min Instant Bread Cake Recipe Will Let You Whet Your Urge For Baking

This bread cake requires no cooking at all.


  • Make this quick and easy cake at home during lockdown.
  • This instant bread cake requires no cooking.
  • Watch the recipe video for detailed method of making this cake..

This lockdown has generated quite an interest in baking among people stuck inside their homes. We can see people in our friends list trying out different cake recipes and also sharing the pictures on social media. If you also want to jump on the baking bandwagon but don’t have much time because you’re working from home, this cake recipe is for you. This quick and easy recipe lets you whip a delicious cake in just 5 minutes. This Instagram-worthy cake is perfect to impress your friends on the social media platform with your creative skills. Of course, don’t tell anyone that you put hardly any effort into making it!

To make this bread-based, no-cook cake, take some slices of bread and lob out their sides. Layer these slices with whipped cream and sugar syrup with added vanilla essence, and place on top of each other. Cover the brick of bread with more whipped cream. Now take any chocolate you have at home and grate it all over the cake. You can decorate it further with chocolate balls, gems, strawberries etc.

All the ingredients for this recipe are mostly present at home or are easily available at local grocery stores. You can get whipped cream from any bakery or cake shop. But if you are not able to find it, you can prepare whipped cream at home that takes less than 5 minutes to make. Watch the instant cake recipe video we picked from YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ and make this at home for your family.

Watch Instant Bread Cake Recipe Video –

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