• These almond-coconut balls are made with zero sugar
  • They are super healthy and nutritious
  • Satiate your sweet tooth with these little delights!

The desire to eat something sweet can kick in at any time of the day. There’s something inherently comforting that goes with desserts or even other sweet preparations for that matter. We crave for a sweet treat at the end of every meal, but often end up piling unwanted calories that may harm our body. That’s when these almond coconut balls come into the picture. Aptly called ‘Bliss Balls’, these healthy treats are made with zero sugar and some super nutritious ingredients!

This healthy vegan dessert is prepared with just four simple ingredients and a two-step process. All you need is almonds, dry grated coconut, cocoa powder and pitted or deseeded dates. Pop these four ingredients in a blender and your basic mixture for these almond coconut balls is ready! Now, take the mixture out of the blender and add some extra dates to it. Shape the balls by hand and dip them in some grated coconut for an additional flavour.

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ic9khigAlmond is a great source of nutrients such as protein and fibre. 

These bliss balls are healthy, vegan, gluten-free and absolutely delicious! Almond and coconut both are ingredients with several nutritive properties. The inherent goodness in dates also adds an additional natural sweetness to the preparation which will satiate your sweet tooth without loading up on calories. So relish these fuss-free almond coconut bliss balls without any guilt next time you’re craving something sweet!

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